Get to know First Believer Natalie Collins

Location? Sydney.

Socials? LinkedIn and Twitter.

Tell us a little about yourself.

“I’m passionate about the role of technology and new business models in transforming the way we live and in stimulating economies.

“After 20 years of corporate experience across finance, marketing, supply chain, innovation and governance, I’m keen to leverage this experience to help game-changing founders to pursue their life’s work.

“A corporate executive and non-executive director by day, I spend the rest of my time being a ‘learn-it-all’ around venture capital, a mum to two children and training for my first half marathon!”

What is First Believers to you?

“A unique opportunity to deep-dive into the venture capital landscape in Australia, to meet some of the folks who have created and are evolving the industry and to hear how they think about VC.

“Also, to share the learning journey with other like-minded First Believers and to create a framework for your own ongoing engagement with venture capital.”

What interesting spaces are you looking at, and why?

“I love anything climate change-related, be it sustainable packaging, the circular economy, battery storage or anything in between.

“I’ve also spent years working in commerce and supply chain, so e-commerce and disruptive distribution models are right up my alley too.”

How has your perception of angel investing changed since becoming a First Believer?

“I used to think angel investing was only for high-net-worths. It’s actually much more accessible as an everyday investor than I thought.”

How did First Believers alter your trajectory?

“I thought I would peer over the fence and have a look at how angel investing is done.

“Now, at the end of the program, I have my Sophisticated Investor Certificate at the ready and am preparing to place my first cheques. That was unexpected!”

Introducing First Believers…

First Believers is a six-month program inspired by Startmate’s original mentors.

We believe to create a truly diverse and powerful startup ecosystem across Australia and New Zealand, we need more fresh perspectives, thinking and networks coming to the investment table. First Believers is the catalyst for a new generation of investors.

If you are thinking of building a career in venture, want to build confidence in making angel investment decisions, or want to better understand the investor’s lens, First Believers is the place for you.

And, drum roll, we’ve just opened applications for Cohort 1. Learn more or apply here.



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