Get to know First Believer Natalie Piucco

First Believer Natalie Piucco
  • I will be able to see all sorts of data about my body reserved for expensive health care technology through wearables;
  • 2-3 hour delivery won’t be a novelty but expected;
  • Gen Z will be one of the most financially literate generations and will have cracked open the investing world to make it more accessible;
  • I’ll have 1 view in my banking and financial data, despite being with different banks;
  • Medical care will be tailored to the DNA of our bodies;
  • You might have gone on a luxury space travel flight;
  • We’ve mapped the streets, and will do the same with the sky and ocean;
  • Quantum computing will be provided as a service; and
  • Portfolio careers will rise.

And, drum roll, we’ve just opened applications for Cohort 1. Learn more or apply here.



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